Friday, April 13, 2007

And here we are!

Arrived at the Blue Lake Campground late Friday afternoon. Yay.

We took a cruisy drive down in the afternoon, picked up our race packs for Xterra, and checked into our cosy cabin at the campground in time for dinner. Before dinner Chantel suggested a walk in the cool evening air. Hmm, cool alright. We all had our layers on and made it from the cabin to the lake edge and then back again. It was freeeeeezing! It was going to be cold in the morning!

The race started 8am Saturday 14th, so it was a spa for Mum and Dad, while Renée hung out with Chantel, and then a nice restful night in our bunks.

Updates/Pics on the Xterra 11km coming soon. Guy and Renée were great supporting spectators!

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